We provide high-quality consulting services.

At SKYTEC CONSULTING GROUP we aspire to become the leading management consulting firm, specializing in transforming and redefining businesses through digital & technology strategies and practical actions.

Our services

At SKYTEC CONSULTING GROUP we help our clients understand the importance of establishing a strong business structure and tactical operational processes that will ensure the longevity and the success of their business. A clear vision upfront compounded with a powerful business plan is the most important pillar to having a successful business.

Having access to professionals that possess the technical skills and knowledge that you require to resource key projects and to provide innovative and smart business solutions, is the greatest advantage a business can have against its competitors. You hire us when the need arises and for the duration you require, making this the most cost effective manner for you to meet your business objectives.

Our Business Consulting & Advisory Services can provide the following assistance to your business:

  • Increase revenue & profits
  • Review supplier arrangements to reduce costs
  • Clearly identify business goals
  • Expand market reach & implement an effective marketing approach
  • Enhance pricing strategy/model
  • Facilitate launch of new products or services
  • Define growth strategy and set key milestones
  • Solve challenges through implementation of smart solutions
  • Set KPIs to track and measure performance and the impact on bottom line
  • Optimise operational & financial processes to improve efficiency & effectiveness
  • Enhance systems infrastructure

Our advantages


At the core of our business is truth. We adop independence and objectivity. We do what we say and say only what we can do.


Transparency is integral in our business. We believe that transparent culture delivers more results..


Innovation makes for the very essence of our business DNA. Unleashing creativity is a core underlying principle at SKYTEC CONSULTING GROUP.


At the center of our business philosophy, operations and creativity is our client.


Performance, quality and excellence are the basis of our commitment.

No matter the size of your business, we are highly skilled and experienced in developing pragmatic and scalable improvement opportunities, that are specifically designed drive effectiveness and efficiency. Most of the time, small enterprises overlook the importance of engaging a consultant, especially in the early stages of their business evolution.

The many years of experience and knowledge we can pass on during the critical points in a business life cycle, can be essential in whether or not your business makes the leap from being a small enterprise or a dynamic growing business

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